Saturday, 3 April 2010

Work and rain!

Well it seems if I'm not working it's raining and vice versa, I feel sorry for allotmenter's who hold down a 9-5 job as the easter weekend marks the start of the growing season and the allotments should be buzzing with people on a four day weekend. I suppose it is only early April in good old blighty so rain and wind is to be expected (snow further north).

I did manage to get down lottie in a dry spell after work on Wednesday 31st march and plant a bed of Dobbies Aaron pilot spuds so not too bad. I have looked through my seed collection and hope to start off melons and sweetcorn this week also get down plot and continue preparing beds. All being well weather and personal wise I hope to have a more productive week and be able to post some more pictures.

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