Friday, 8 July 2011

Photos at a very wet plot today.

                                                                Cucumber Telegraph
                                                                 Fruits just starting to form
                                                             Pepper sweet mini red
                                                                   Harvested mini red
                                                                Tumbling toms in baskets
                                                               Cayenne chilli pepper
                                                       As you can see really prolific
                                                           Patio sizzler these are really hot
                                                       More Cayenne plus Halbenero
                                                                Inca bush tomatoes
                                                                   Gardeners delight
                                   As you can see I have not trained my tomatoes its like a jungle
                   You can really see how big the pepper plants are in this picture fantastic!

                                                      Tomatoe Black Prince
                                              The wobbly sunflower with James willows in background
                                                  A self seeded tomatoe what variety?
                                                    Butternut squash Cobnut
                                                     Red onions starting to fall over
                                             Stutgarter onions also falling over not long now
                                                       iceburg and little gem lettuces
                                                                     Leek Muselburgh
                                    Foremost and Home guard spuds now dying back so harvesting
                                                Fisrt harvested cauliflower of the year!
                                                            Jeruselem Artichokes
                                                     Globe Artichokes from seed this year
                               Lupins and various other perrenial flowers from roots planted this year

                                                Runner St George slower this year
                                                     Celery Giant pascal first time growing it!
                                     Climbing french bean golden gate and cobra
                                                  Celeriac this year I will protect from frost
                                                     Zuchinni courgettes

I hope you enjoy the pictures and any comments, questions or tips are welcome speak to you all soon Jamie.

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