Friday, 9 April 2010

Pea nets and planting.

Another glorious day today and after a quick visit to Wilkinsons this morning I have had a good day on plot. Manged to buy some pea netting and after lots of untangling I finally got it up, I used the old polytunell tubes to make frame as you can see in pictures. Sowed direct golden sweet mange tout, have heard they are very tasty and good cropper so here is hoping.

One of the guys who has plot opposite has been clearing shed of old plot holder who passed away a few months back and said I could help myself to anything I wanted so was not greedy but got some debris netting which was a perfect fit for my cabbage and sprout bed so good result there. I know it is probally early but I have put it up as you can see in pictures.

Also sowed in pots in herb area garlic chives, corriander, rocket va va voom and wild rocket. We will use these as cut and come again, you do have to keep on top as the rocket and corriander can go to seed really quick. Also managed to get some more elephant garlic from wilkos which I have put aroud the fruit bed.

I have put fleece over two of the spud beds as they have started to shoot and a frost caught them the other night and the forecast is for more frosts over the next few nights so better safe than sorry. In the pictures you can see a polytunnel clear palstic alas it's not mine but my neighbours I thought it was good so wanted people who are reading this to see it.
The guy who has the tunnel is growing willows as the council has never let it as it floods they have let it for the purpose of him growing willows which will be nice as they will hopefully stop my plot from flooding in heavy rain an also make for nice surroundings.

Looking forward to another good day tomorrow before I start my run of dreaded night shifts.

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