Saturday, 10 March 2012

3 1/2 tons of shit

Delivered today, pictures on twitter as unable to upload on this computer. Lack of blogging so far this year due to  being really busy but things at our allotment are moving along nicely and I am looking forward to Spring and Summer. Lets hope this year brings us some warm sunny days, something that has been lacking the last 3 summers.

As I said I had a large load of manure delivered and have started mulching the beds it's still quite fresh so I will allow some to rot down. Where it is being used I will be growing beans and squashes so not too bothered it is fresh as they will thrive, I think some people are too over cautious whilst using manure and panic it has to be years old before use. Seeds I have sown so far this year are as follows Leek Musleburgh in pots, Mange Tout, Sweet peas, Cosmos, Tumbling toms, Cabbage atlas and greyhound, Sprouts, Basil, Corriander and Rocket.

I have a weeks annual leave next week and hope to get hold of some raspberry canes and more bare root fruit trees for the new plot which as previously stated will be mainly fruit and lower maintainence. This year will also be the year that I finally start an asparagus bed.

Happy gardening and speak soon, don't forget you can follow me on twitter @AllotmentGas but be warned my language and views are not to everybodys taste.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Planning for the year ahead by being prepared

After the rush of Christmas I have now started planning for the year ahead at our allotment, the plan is trying to do as little as possible and let the plot work for us. The first thing that keeps coming  to mind is finally planting asparagus, this is something I wish I had done when we first got the plot as we would be reaping the benefits this year. The seed catalogues are coming out and some internet research will take place to decide which is best variety to purchase they need to be planted out in April and come as crowns.

Seeds have been saved from last years pea and bean crops so no need to worry about buying them so St George runners and mangetout golden sweet will be the peas and beans of choice again. I am determined to be more successful at successional sowing of crops this year in particular lettuces and pak choi.

 The top half of our allotment is no dig so working that is easy I have added organic matter like compost and manure and the worms do the rest. The bottom half which is beds but ones we dig does not need too much as work as beds have been covered that have no crops remaining and 5 of the beds have permanent crops in. The new half plot which we took on already has several fruit trees and bushes and garlic growing away, the rest of it was cleared,dug and covered in thick balck plastic membrane in the autumn.

I don't want to sound smug but to me that is the key to keeping an allotment you need to spend time in autumn and winter getting things oraganised as it saves you time and effort in spring when you have a million and one things to do. All I have to do is sow my seeds plant out and keep on top of the weeds.

New video comingI was lucky enough to be given an HD video camera for my 40th birthday so hope to start making some how to videos as well this year.

Happy new year to everyone reading this!