Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saving seeds

 To save money on seeds and to have your own strain of seed now is the time to think about saving seeds, as we have only had our allotment a couple of years this is something we have only started doing and with time we want to save as much as we can. This year we have grown french marigolds,poppys, runner beans and mangetout from saved seeds with great success. Peas and beans are really easy to save as you just leave the pods on the plant to grow to full size and when the plant dies back and they dry out pick and shell them and stick in an envelope in a cool dry place. Flowers like marigolds and poppy's etc will produce their seed pods just collect them and store them the same as before and sunflowers like in the picture above have their seeds in their heads. One of my favourite blogs vegtable heaven which I have link to on my home page goes into more speacilised seed saving and crossing of breeds and heritage varietys, well worth a read and something I would like to be doing in the future.

On another note what is going on with this weather again this year it has been wall to wall sunshine in Bristol the last few days with temperatures in the mid 20's and today looks set to be the hottest October day on record it really has been a funny year. I have taken some more photos for you to see we now have our winter cabbages and kale all planted out and the squahes and the strawberries are still producing, a couple of disappointments something is causing the leeks to wilt and yellow an whitefly have decimated the sprouts.

Until next time enjoy the pictures and this lovely indian summer bye for now Jamie.