Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hospital and rain.

Well so much for a productive 6 days off work not a lot done!

We have had terrible weather in Bristol and to round it off on Sunday I went shopping with the wife and got chest pains. Presented myself to local A&E and before I knew it I was being wheeled off to cardiac care unit having all sorts of drugs and needles stuck in me. I had to spend the night there and finnaly got released yesterday after doing a treadmill test all wired up.
The good news is my ticker is fine just really bad reflux acid may need an endoscopy to see if I have hiata hernia but I can cope with that.

I did manage to get the final 2 beds dug on Saturday but the couch grass was so bad I ended up using glysulphate to try and kill all the roots. Re-potted my toms again today as due to bad weather light has not been too good, they are all looking very healthy pics in a few days.

Oh and almost forgot my celeriac looks like it is making an appearance will have to get all my seeds out in next few days to see what I will be starting off next.

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