Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sowing and planting leeks.

After a little chat on twitter the other evening with regards to growing leeks I thought I would share with you all how I do it.

Today I sowed my 1st leeks of the year and the way I do it is to basically fill a medium sized flower pot with compost 3/4 full wet the compost then sprinkle your leek seeds all over the top then top with more compost and just let them grow.

Once they get to size as shown in picture above it is time for planting, this will take around 2 months.

Now you need to empty them from the pot and separate them, they will be all tangled but don't worry just tease them all apart they are stronger than you think.

Next is the bit where you give the roots a good haircut so they go in the ground better and give the tops a good trim. The latter I do not know why I do this, I was taught this way by Harry an allotmenter with over 50 years experience of growing leeks so who am I to argue.
Finally get your dibber and make holes to drop your leeks in, remember the closer you plant the smaller the leeks. I tend to plant them about 6 inches apart and if you grow in rows have the rows about 12 inches apart. Once you drop or twist your leek in to your holes puddle them in,
Watering and nature will fill out the hole over time.
So that is how I grow leeks I hope you find this helpful and good luck growing your leeks, until next time goodbye.

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