Thursday, 22 April 2010

These are some photo's I took yesterday in back garden, on the plot and in polytunnel!

As you can see my spuds in sacks are now starting to show, the two empty beds were filled over the winter with fresh chicken manure, leaf mould and carboard. I have just finished dressing the top layer with multi purpose compost and they are now ready to be used as squash beds. I sowed yesterday in heated propagator Zuchinni F1, Orelia F1, Sunburst, Turks turban, Jack O'lantern, Cobnut F1 and Rolet.

I have also added picture of garlic bed in my back garden the garlic I am growing in there is from the really garlicky garlic company. Also in the picture is bare soil also in my back garden which has been prepared with kitchen waste underneath and mounded up ready for the mamouth pumpkin contest the Wife and Myself are having against eachother.

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