Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunshine and planting

Spring seems to have arrived in Bristol at last, Anna and Myself had a lovely day at plot yesterday. I planted a fourth bed of spuds Dobies rocket earlies also planted out Durham early cabbages and evesham sprouts. Anna has moved what flowers she is using in gartden at home to her new plastic walk in greenhouse which she purchased at Wilkinsons for a bargain £32.00. We have kept what flowers I will be using on plot in polytunnel they are french marigolds, sunflowers (about 50 of them), sweetpeas and narsisiums (sp). When we got home last night I then started sweetcorn F1 sweetie pie in heated propagator, melon sweetheart F1 heated propagator, cucumber telegraph and crystal apple unheated propagator. I will not be down plot now until tommorow as off to Clevedon for a nice walk today but when I do go back down I hope to start off in pots in my herb bed garlic chives, corriander, rocket va va voom and wild rocket. Time permitting I would alos hope to get some root veg and lettuce started this week, so here is to more sunshine and happy days. Almost forgot to add my first lot of spuds I planted have started to say hello I will definetley post some pics tommorow. The photos I have added today are all my tomatoes inca, tumbling, fantasio and ailsa craig which are now thriving and taking up far too much space on my living room windowsill.

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