Friday, 18 November 2011

Bountiful plot

Managed to get down our allotment today and take some photos and as you can see the plot is still very much alive with winter veg, crops planted earlier in the year that can remain in the ground and next years crops emerging ie garlic. Harvested the last of the tomatoes and peppers today and cut all the peppers right back to roughly 30cm height and trimmed to barely nothing in an attempt to overwinter them. They are within in the tunnel and will be doubly insulated by placing old water cooler bottles over them, I have also dug some up repotted and they are going to live in spare bedroom overwinter, fingers crossed some will come through and start new growth in the spring. Nice to see the garlic emerging I have had to put some pea netting over it as the allotment cat has decided it is a nice bed to shit in which did not impress me, on the plus side he does keep the rat population down.

                                                    The chopped back pepper plants
                                              Cauliflower all year round and Kale hungry gap.
                                                              Florence Fennel Tauro.
                                                           Swiss and Rainbow Chard.
                                                       Winter lettuce unknown name?
                                                                 Kale Scarlett.
                                                      Sweet peas old spiced mix.
                                                           Rosemary cuttings.
                                   Garlic in pots to plug any gaps if any dont germinate outside.
                                                            Garlic just emerging.
                                    Leeks now being harvested these can stay in all winter and picked as required.
                       Savoy January King put on alot of growth due to mild weather, no real frost yet this year!
                                        Brussel Sprout Maximus, slightly decimated by whitefly.
                                   Globe Artichokes putting on new growth due to unusualy mild weather.
                                 First harvested fennel which I will be having with some smoked haddock.

I hope to add more photos of this years harvests soon until next time goodbye.

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