Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Let the competition begin

The Wife and Myself started our pumpkin mamouth seeds off last night as we are competing with eachother to see who can grow the biggest one in our back garden just for fun. I hope it's me or I will never hear the end of it.

I have also started sowing my climbing beans today, they are runner bean St George and French climber cobra. They are in fibre pots and loo rolls in polytunnel, also oreila courgettes and more mange tout! Still no sign of rhubarb or artichokes not sure how long they take to raise there heads from the soil still plenty of time so not giving up hope just yet. I noticed broad beans which I sowed direct are starting to appear and red onions are starting to sprout. Where I cleared bramble around plum tree I managed to get two pallets led down on ground and have started nailing old decking board to it to make an area for small table and a couple of chairs. I will post some more pictures before the end of the week when decked area is complete to show you my handy work. Who would have thought cack handed little me would ever build anything but since getting my plot I have turned in to a proper little salvage it and nail it together man.

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