Monday, 12 April 2010

Busy as bee!

Just finished watching the masters golf so thought I'd better write my blog, a very busy weekend down at the plot!
This weekend started by planting out onion set stutgarter, I got them from wilkos and there were a good 100-120 onions in net. Sowed direct turnip golden ball and turnip model white, I grew golden balls last year and they are delicous really sweet. Also sowed direct beetroot detroit 2 and beetroot cylindria, the latter I got for free off a grape on the grape vine if you are wondering what that is follow this link. Also sowed direct pak choi and planted out broad bean imperial longpod 12 plants as you can see in picture. Sowed in pots within polytunnel 3 of each squash f1 cobnut and zuchinni f1 courgette also 2 pumpkin mamouth.
Sowed in large pot in tunnel parsley gigante d'italia plain leaved parsley.
As you can see in pictures I have planted out in trough pots against shed 12 mange tout golden sweet plants against shed, I have netted shed with pea netting so the peas can grow up the front.
My sweetcorn, melon and cucumbers which I sewed on 7th April have all started sprouting I can not get over how quick that is??????
I have also added a photo of my first strawberry flowers, today I have cut down a load of bramble that was strangling an old plum tree behind my shed as it is in blossom as you can see from pictures. The plums are victoria and they are delicous as this was my first crop last year when I took on the plot. I have also started to move my tomatoe plants to polytunnel to free up some space at home so I am hoping it does not get too cold on the night. Really nice to see so many smiling allotment holders this weekend with the sun shining and here's to a good summer and good yields for all us grow your owners.

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