Friday, 19 March 2010

Planted mange tous sugar snap pea seed today in guttering within polytunnel, dug out another two beds and removed bloody couch grass. Anna planted oriental poppy, sunflowers, pansies and french marigolds. I'm in charge of the stuff we eat and Anna(wife) looks after flowers for colour and companion planting and of course attracting those lovely pollinators the bee's. The plan was to stay down plot all day but as it's my first proper full day off in over a week it started pouring down around lunchtime now 6pm and still raining. We have been out for a bite to eat this afternoon and I have picked up a bargain in Tesco 20 metres of garden wire with a little cutter thing on,was £1.00 now 10p so bought 6 of them for a bargain 60p.

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