Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Parsnip F1 countess!

I don't think the kitchen towel germination is going to work as I keep forgetting they are there and they keep drying out. I planted some last night in loo rolls and put in heated propagtor so fingers crossed they will come good. Really not much done today as working same tomorrow before I have 6 days off, did manage to get a couple of old water cooler bottles as they make excellent cloches just cut the bottom off. When you go to local garden centre's you pay upwards of £10.00 for something a lot less flimsy. Since I have taken up gardening I find myself looking through skips and seeing what the neighbours are chucking out to see if I can make a use for it on the allotment, roll on 10pm tomorrow so I can relax with the wife and hopefully weather permitting get down lottie!

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