Monday, 15 March 2010

Working nights at the moment so spent only a couple of hours on lottie today. I have dug out another bed and put timber frame around it, using feather edge timber as I do not paln to raise beds on bottom half just want the beds to be defined so i can put paths down. I will be using carboard and chip bark for paths. The digging out is hard as I am removing alot of couch grass, the last person who had plo used to have it ploughed by local farmer and manured once a year and little else as he was old and was trying to cope with five 300 sq yard plots.

I am hoping to plant spuds this week, so far I have planted jeruselem artichokes, fruit bushes and overwintered a bed of garlic. I will post some photos this week of what the plot was like last June when I took it on and the progress I have made.

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