Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lidl strawberries and more digging!

A very productive weekend managed to buy 12 strawberry plants for £7.00 in Lidl and planted them yesterday. I also dug up old strawberries and re-planted, dug over the whole bed and put weed supressent matting down then cut out holes with bulb palnter added some compost and popped in strawberries. I got a bit wet in the process as we had continous sticky rain yesterday, not sure if that makes sense to anyone reading this but the kind of rain that is light but seems to stick to you almost misty!

Today the weather has been glorious light clouds and sunshine and pleasantly warm for this time of the year. I managed to dig out three more beds and put timber frame around two of them. This is has been time consuming due to the amount of couch grass I am having to pull out but will hopefully be worth it in the end. I will be back to work tomorrow on late shifts 2pm till 10pm up until wednesday then six days off from Thursday so hopefully weather will be good and I will finally get the beds dug (3 to go) and timber surrounds complete. More photos to follow this week time for a nice hot bath and relax time now.

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