Thursday, 27 January 2011

Polytunnel ordered

We have done it and finally ordered our polytunnel the company we went with in the end are first tunnels link here to see what we bought

The tunnel measures 10 feet wide by 25 feet long and we have upgraded cover to thermal anti fog as it was only an extra £15.00. Ordering was the easy bit now we have to put it up, I think now is the time to start calling in favours although in all fairness James my allotment neighbour has offered to lend a hand. I have wanted the tunnel for some time as not only is it a place you can grow tender crops and extend the season it means with the British weather being the way it is we can still go down and work on our allotment  when it is piddling down with rain. The bit I also liked was 5 to 10 days delivery so I am hoping the weather will be kind this coming Monday and Tuesday when I am off work so I can clear area where tunnel is going and prepare. We both have some annual leave the following week so hopefully we will be building the frame then, the cover will not go on though until we have our first warm dry day of the year I am guessing by previous years that will be around April. The reason for this is so the plastic stretches better and you get a tighter fitting cover, I am really excited and can't wait to get going patience is not one of my strong points. I wiil post pictures of the build as soon as we get going until next time goodbye from a very excited allotmenteer.


  1. I have polytunnel envy!! I've been wanting one for a while, but just don't have the space.

    That's a nice size too, what are you planning to put in there?


  2. I plan on growing the usual suspects tomatoes, chillis and cucumber plus I will try growing melons again and extending the season and starting it early!