Friday, 21 January 2011

Peppers sown

I have just sown my first seeds of the new year they were all from Wilkinsons and they are as follows pepper hot pato sizzle, sweet mini red, hot cayenne and hot halbenero. I have put them in peat pots in heated propagator underneath velux window in loft(see picture below) which is south facing for maximum light at this time of year.
That got me to thinking I have a face tanning lamp(dont ask I am vain I guess) and was wondering when the seeds germinate I could use that as extra light. The trouble is I dont know if it is the right kind of light if it is bonus, the down side is the local police force may think I am growing something else and kick my door down. I was reading in the paper the other day about a lady who had similar lamp in her garage and used it to keep her hamsters warm during recent cold spell and the police smashed her door off the hinges in a drug raid.

You can just make out lamp to right of picture, anyway I will update you all on progress of peppers and anything else I do. The gardening bug is back and I love it speak to you all soon and please feel free to leave comments and any hints or tips.

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