Monday, 24 January 2011

Built my remaning beds

Lovely day at plot today fire roaring, hot soup on stove and finished building my beds so all in all a good days work at our allotment.

The two pictures above show the 3 beds I have built today to the left, the first 2 are in fitting with the rest of plot and the big one top left is roughly 12' by 7' as I have come up with an idea. The big bed I have decided to add perrenial flowers and rose bushes all in the middle and around the outside where I can reach I am going to put my herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage etc and maybe some rocket which I hope will self seed.
All the beds have been covered to protect them until I use them to stop vital nutrients being washed away.

I was hoping to add more pictures but blogger or my computer does not want to play so thats it for now!

Oh one more thing the polytunnel in the background is something similar to what I want it belongs to my neighbour James who was also at plot today and I got some useful tips on how to put it up when I get some bloody money. Once I purcahse tunnel and erect it the plots will be laid out and all that will remain is to grow lots of lovely fruit, herbs and vegetables unless I think of anything else, umm maybe some chickens?


  1. Looking good, well done on finishing the raised beds! A quick tip on the central area of the big bed for flowers, put a couple of stepping stones in, so if you need to get in to weed or plant, then you will be able to!

  2. Thanks Mrs Dobby good tip, I will bear that in mind