Friday, 21 January 2011

First proper day on plot 2011!

Today I got to spend my first proper day on the plot this year here are some pictures I took.

 The fire used to burn old plants.

 The blow away everyone said would not last, 12 months on and still going strong soon to be replaced by a 10ft wide and 25ft long!
 Celeraic some got damaged by frost on top but still lovely.

 This seasons garlic looking good as previously stated half saved from last year and other half variety music from

 Various winter greens forgot what they are????????
 Beds covered I plan to plant spuds in L shaped bed this year.
                                                        Swedes so many lovely and sweet variety invitation from They are my favourite seed supplier always have good germination with all seeds.
                                            More winter greens unknown.

                                                            The Plot Our allotment.
A lovely day tidying and pottering managed to clear Nan's shed no rats so no need to wipe. Lost quite a few spuds they had gone mushy the rest are now in kitchen in big box with newspaper.

Did not manage to start peppers and chillis off so that is the plan for tomorrow, did go to Waitrose this evening and bought a lovely book by Nigel Slater called tender vloume 2 which is all about growing and cooking fruits.
I want volume one now which is all about vegtables.

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