Friday, 4 March 2011

The cover went on valentines day here are the pictures!

Sorry for the delay in posting pictures as the cover has been on nearly 3 weeks, I have laid path and prepared beds within tunnel so here it is in all it's glory for all to see.

 Oh and here are some parsnips I dug up lovely countess from dobies of devon.
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures also would like to add I planted 4 fruit trees today apple, pear, cherry and plum they are 2 year old and two for £10.00 in Lidl at present. They have there gardening deals on this week and they won't be beat for price picked up a load of fleece for the poulrty sum of 3 quid. I have also sown direct in tunnel mange tout golden, beetroot, carrots early nantes, corriander and rocket. Sowed in modules sweeet peas, leeks, celeriac, broad bean and some flowers I forgot the name of (my missed spent youth is catching up on me). Also I have created a permanent flower bed with 40 bare root plants(perrenial) of various types which I ordered from greenfingers for £14.99. February has been a very busy month on our allotment and we look forward to reaping the benefits later in the year.

Speak to you all soon Jamie.

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