Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dry March makes for busy times at plot

With March being such a dry month Our allotment is ahead of schedule with spring cleaning and preparation of beds for the coming season and lots of things have been started in modules or sown direct and even planted out in tunnel.

So here is what has been sown over the past couple of weeks 16th March planted seed spuds Foremost and Home Guard these have been planted 2 days earlier than last year so even more riskier due to late frosts. I have fleece at the ready just in case it is required and have also put hoops over bed to support it. 18th March onion sets Stutgarter and Red Baron planted this was followed on the 22nd by sowing in modules within polytunnel Sprout Maximus, Celeriac brilliant, Mange tout golden, Leek musselburgh, Cabbage Atlas and Greyhound, Sweet peas and Sunflowers. We also bought some plug palnts from Aldi 15 Cauliflower £1.98 and 6 Pepper sweet baby bell x2  at £1.98 each. I also have managed to erect pea net and sowed direct in ground on 23rd Mange tout golden.

The tomatoe and pepper plants in the loft are growing away really well and on the 25th I took one of each tomatoe Golden peardrop, Gardeners delight, Inca, tumbler F1, Tumbling yellow and Tumbling red plus one of each pepper Halbenero, Patio sizzler, Cayenne and Sweet mini red and planted out in tunnel. They are all doing fine at present it is a bit of a gamble with the weather being changeable but nothing ventured nothing gained.

One more foot note before I go lots of rain last night just what the doctor ordered.

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