Sunday, 13 March 2011

My loft room is getting overtaken

By tomatoe and chilli plants I have repotted today as they were getting leggy and half dead due to me neglecting them and not giving them a drink.

Here is what they are all looking like now!

Also at front of the picture are 6 globe artichokes called emerald, I am growing from seed even though most books say to grow from root cutting. This is another plant I have never tasted but I like the look of them so wanted some on plot. I finish my shift at 0330am tonight so hope to get to our allotment tomorrow and start sewing in modules not sure what yet? I may well sow some broad beans direct as well and hopefully start properly planning the beds for 2011.

I don't want to set myself too much to do but I would also like to start setting up my bean net as I would like to sow direct mange tout golden sweet this week. Also I think a visit to Scats is in order as they are selling chicken manure pellets buy one get one free at the moment. Lets hope the monster rat has ate all his blue corn seeds up as well because I can not be dealing with him jumping out on me.
On a more excitng note it is only 2 weeks until the clocks go forward and we can all start enjoying longer evenings, with a bit of luck the politicans will see sense and go with double summer time proposal which is being talked about at the moment. I know they are against it in Scotland but they have their own parliment so they can vote for thier own time zone if they so wish.

Until next time ta la.

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