Friday, 11 February 2011

Mud glorious mud

No photos to show you but Anna and Myself went to plot today to start digging trench around tunnel to bury cover, I have to say we were both pleased with progress made. We managed to dig trenches down both sides so that is 50 foot of trench 30cms wide and 40cms deep all done in 3 hours. The downside was it pissed down for all of those 3 hours so we were like drowned rats and knee deep in mud, I could not get in car after without stripping down to my long johns(actually an old pair of Anna's leggings).

We were hungry after all that digging so went to Burger King drive thru for a burger, I got a funny look from the man in the serving window when he lent out to give me my order and change and I got an even funnier look when I got out of the car to fetch my phone from the boot by a bunch of school girls.

Hopefully Les and myself will be assembling the doors and door frames at the weekend(if I get up in time) and then it will just be a case of when can I put the cover on????? I want to put it on ASAP but it says to do it on a warm sunny day I am not sure when that will be and I am not sure how warm it has to be?
I was thinking if I kept the cover in a warm room(which I am at the moment) and kept it wrapped in a quilt or blanket on route to plot I could do it sooner rather than later but I have not got a clue.

Any clever people reading this blog who have experience of polytunnels feel free to leave a comment I could do with a bit of advice, think I will go and pose this very question on the place I always go to when I am stuck the grapevine

More updates soon adios amigos or as we say in Bristol 'ta la'

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