Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pictures from today

                        Winter crops in tunnel cauliflowers, Chard, Fennel, Pak Choi and lettuce

                                      Sweetcorn on new plot surrounded by weeds!
                                          Harvested butternut squash some are an odd shape.
                                            Harvested gardeners delight in fridge
                                                Cosmos flowers blown over but still looking good.
                                                               Leeks cant wait to tuck in to these!
                                                     Butternut Cobnut romping away.
                                              Celery giant pascal doing well I think?
                                                     Globe emerald artichokes.
                                           Planted out today hungry gap kale.
                                           Jeruselem Artichokes cut down they were over 12ft
                                               Scarlet and Curly Kale planted out today.
                                             Zuchinni not as prolific as last year.

                                                       Leeks again oops!

                                     Offenham spring and January King ready for planting out!
                                                  Tumbling toms still going strong.
                                                               Patio sizzlers chillis
                                                            Peppers and Basil.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures our allotment will continue to be productive even during the winter months.

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