Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Out with the old in with the new

Firstly appolgies for not blogging my computer has packed up so waiting to get it fixed!!!!!!

The past few weeks we have been very busy harvesting our first crops Broad beans, runner beans, french beans, courgettes(coming out of our ears), beetroot, lettuce, radish, all our early spuds(fantastic crop at least 50lb in weight), atlas cabbages(weighing a good few pound in weight), turnips, tumbling toms, strawberries, pak choi, rolet squash, garlic, mange tout and onions.

We have filled the gaps left by our first harvests with main crop spuds(sarpo mira), celeriac, second sowing mange tout(oregon sugar pod), beetroot, more runner beans and yesterday Harry one of the old allotmenters kindly gave me some leek plants. He also came down to my plot to show us how to plant them correctly which was a good lesson for the both of us. We love gaining knowledge from the likes of Harry and Bryn who have so many years of allotmenting behind them and local knowledge yo can not read in a book. Here are a few photos taken over the last few weeks I hope to add more of my harvests in te coming weeks!

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