Saturday, 24 July 2010

Lovely harvest and the monster cabbage!!!!

I went to plot today just to potter around and harvest some more veg and as you can see from pictures below I managed to pull a cabbage which weighed in at 6 and 1/2lb. The variety is durham early just had some for my dinner and it was lovely and sweet and still lots left I think it will take a week to eat it all up.
More courgettes another basket full and another huge crop of french and runner beans, I have also got another good sized portion of tumbler toms which so far I seem to have right this year as they taste a lot sweeter. The trouble I am having at the moment with the tumblers is stopping the branches snapping off where there are so many tomatoes on the plant, last year I put 2 plants per basket but I think that is too much as they compete for nutrients and one definetley does suffice.
Also forgot to add pulled my red onions up today they are red baron an as you can see I have them drying outside on rack. I pulled my stutgarter onions last week they are on racks drying in shed I will take pictures soon and post them for you all to see. The carrots that you see in the picture are not mine they were kindly given to me by my lottie neighbour Will, they were absolutely gorgous very sweet and perfect with my dinner.

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