Tuesday, 3 May 2011

When the wind is from the east it blows no good for man or beast

So the saying goes and that could not be more true at the moment, we have not had any significant rain in Bristol for well over a month. The ground at our allotment is like concrete and I have had to resort to the watering cans which is very unusal for the time of year. One thing that is undetered by this very dry spell is my old friend the couch grass that just keeps on coming. One thing about the recent warm dry weather though is we already have lots of green tomatoes on our tumbling toms which are in baskets within tunnel it has also caused all our pak choi to run to seed so I will be pulling up and starting again.

I now have a few days off work to catch up with things on the plot sow and plant out so as promised before I will post pictures soon(this week). I am off  to do a rain dance now so here is hoping to some of the wet stuff.

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